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"Unfortunately this country that we live in sees immigrants, working immigrants as disposable, so there have been so many cases where I get calls and get asked for any sort of support, any sort of help, because they were diagnosed with COVID, they got really sick, or maybe they didn’t get that sick, like I mean they’re like asymptomatic but had to stay home, and then finally when they’re able to get back home they’re like, oh your job. You’ve been replaced without like telling them until they are ready to go back.

Yeah. which is really unfortunate and sad, but thankfully, some of the people that I have known that that’s happened to, I’ve been able to connect them in other jobs. Such as Cartwheel, which was another thing that formed, distribution, a collective org, I don’t really know what they’re calling themselves. They formed during the pandemic so yeah, I mean it’s just like so many people. Uh like this like, this isn’t just like with immigrants, it’s like people who like anyone who’s like largely impacted by, um yeah, who are marginalized."

"I learned how to work with plants because I feel like it’s like super necessary, and like super like, like a lost language, um. And it’s like, very like 'in' right now, and very expensive, um but this is all like there’s a majority. Like, you can find stuff that’s just like growing wildly you know, for the majority of things that I end up working with at least. And it’s certainly not free, but like because there’s like labor that [phone rings] sorry, that goes into it and then there’s like other things, so you actually have to buy like the alcohol or like the jars, the bottles, you know. Um but yeah I mean I just like, it’s something that I love to do, something I love to learn. Something I love – I love working with plants and it’s important for people to have access to this stuff and it’s like, been my dream for a little while to just like um find time to just continue making like this medicine, and um like just, just distribute it for free, um. And I was trying to do that a little bit last summer with Sidewalk Ends, which is a urban lot garden. They used to have like a natural farm um but they started off not far from where I’m at, like by Dexter Park and yeah just like, like tending to that garden and in exchange being able to like, harvest what I need and make the medicine and distribute it."


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