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“Se siente uno bien por dentro al saber que uno puede ayudar a otra persona.”

("It feels good inside to know that you can help another person.")

Johana Hernández describes AMOR as a collective body made up of various initiatives and peoples, with one energetic heart beating at its center. She speaks about the relationships she has built and the impactful experiences she has had through her three years of collaboration in the alliance with deep passion and gratitude. During a challenging year under a pandemic that disrupted the life she shares with her young son, when she was out of a job and without childcare, AMOR provided her with sustaining social and economic resources, as well as a caring community of support — and did so unconditionally. Joana shares, “Lo que da AMOR todo, lo da con amor...Para mi, será inolvidable.” (“Everything that AMOR gives, it gives with love...For me, it will be unforgettable.”) Johana also believes that one can always give from where she is standing." Reciprocity is central to the fullness of her engagement with AMOR, and she affirms the meaning of having her voice and contributions valued by a community that has nurtured her personal and political growth.

Text from earlier in case needed for updated post:

  • Politically active - DC migrant rights manifestation in response to Biden’s first 100 days

  • In the process of moving residences, trying to locate an apartment

  • Help without bounds

  • Social and economic support - gift cards, food/meals

  • Angel, son, closed day care, stayed at home with him, creative activities

  • Disrupted family routine

  • McAuley village/house

  • Exposed to covid at work, had to quarantine, feared transmitting virus to her son

  • Grounded - protecting/caring for family

  • El nombre le dice

  • “Lo que da amor todo, lo da con amor...para mi, será inolvidable...yo también necesite de ellos, y me brindaron todo el apoyo incondicional.”

  • “Realmente yo he crecido mucho con amor.”

  • No se como describirlo - unexplainable, words fail to describe

  • Improvements in English language communications, technological/digital skills

  • Ideas, tiempo, energía


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